Everyday Courage

By Caitlin Holzer, Naperville North High School Class of 2016 & Alive Teen Alumni I am going to start with part of my conclusion, we do not have to do everything on our own. There is no finish line when learning to be assertive, so all that matters is the starting...

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Self-Power over Self-Pressure Blog

Numbers drive our world… 89.5 – the minimum percentage to earn an A in a class, 36 – the maximum ACT score, 1600 – the maximum SAT score, 4.0 – the maximum unweighted GPA, and on it goes. Why? It’s simple: numbers make things easier to grapple with, understand, and then share. Fitness is often defined by numbers like your mile time

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A Job During High School – Is it Worth it?

A Job During High School - Is It Worth It? By Max Ayoub It’s mid-November, almost finals season, which means the stress and workload teenagers have to deal with is at  its peak for the semester. Every high school student is constantly looking for more free time to...

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Redefining College Pressure

By Alive Teens Jatin Mathur and Sanjana Ramrajvel The Alive Center has written this blog post as part of its messaging plan throughout the school year. This month’s topic concerns after high school plans, which typically involve strong pressure to attend college. This...

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Alive Teens Take On The Culture of Pressure

By Jatin Mathur (NNHS Senior) and the teen Alive Media Group (AMG) Our community has suffered a great deal in the past year. The events of this year have brought contemporary underlying issues of teen stress pressure to the forefront of community discussions. We at...

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Thinking About Thinking Written by Jason Zhang

Thinking may be the most personal connection we humans have with ourselves. It may help a student solve a math problem, write a paper for their English class, or even help a couple to resolve an issue. The mind is powerful and if not properly maintained, can be...

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Finding Humanity in Failure

The smooth, silvery keys under my fingers, the cane reed between my lips, and the stand, providing a barrier between me and my audience. That was what I needed to focus on. Myself, my instrument, and my music. If only it were that simple. Instead of rooting me in...

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