Everyday Courage

By Caitlin Holzer, Naperville North High School Class of 2016 & Alive Teen Alumni I am going to start with part of my conclusion, we do not have to do everything on our own. There is no finish line when learning to be assertive, so all that matters is the starting...

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Self-Power over Self-Pressure Blog

Numbers drive our world… 89.5 – the minimum percentage to earn an A in a class, 36 – the maximum ACT score, 1600 – the maximum SAT score, 4.0 – the maximum unweighted GPA, and on it goes. Why? It’s simple: numbers make things easier to grapple with, understand, and then share. Fitness is often defined by numbers like your mile time

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Our Mission is to be a teen-led, teen-driven center focused on empowering the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow.

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The Alive Center serves teens and adults that are interested in connecting with what makes them come alive, increasing their health and well-being and having a stronger sense of community and belonging – with a goal being to lead an inspired, vibrant and fulfilled life.

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