February was a topic month of rethinking the messages we send to others. Inspired by Trish Prabhu, a 16-year-old innovator, social entrepreneur, advocate and inventor of ReThink – an effective way to stop cyberbullying. This amazing app was designed to help users filter what they say and share through technology. This is an amazing program because often we are easily susceptible to react off of emotions. This app gives us the space to think, even if for a moment, and allows us to choose how we wish to react to a situation. The thing about emotions is that they are always changing and often what we say cannot be taken back. There is no erasing the permanent mark hurtful words can leave on a person. Seen or heard, they are always deeply felt.

When was the last time you were hurt? Who said it to you? Odds are you can recall exactly where you were at, the tone of their distinct voice or the shape of the font you read it in. Whether it was a harsh truth to be heard or a completely inaccurate statement, it often shot right to your heart. But did you ever think that we have an even greater hurt at times we are often unaware is even in the background?

No, it is not some weird creepy person lurking behind your every move, although it can seem as such. Have you ever stopped to hear what you say to yourself on a day-to-day basis? I challenge you to take it one step farther. What thoughts are running through your head? Pay special note to when negative emotions are running your thoughts. It is so easy for us to think and even worse, deeply believe those resounding words echoed in our mind.

Over time, it is like a subtle self-bullying tactic that can creep into our lives and fill us with purple bruises of fear, doubt and insecurity. From this vulnerable state we can often act irrationally or stoop to actions out of our character and lacking in integrity. This is occurring only because we are hurt on a deep emotional level.  It’s just as easy to take that pain out on yourself as it is on others. It is easy to compare and judge others as well as yourself. It is far too easy in this society to constantly compete to be “more”. Rest assured, you are more than enough and that message should definitely be rethought.

I challenge you to use the app. Use it as not only a way to caution what you say to others, but what you say to yourself. Type in your thoughts after you make a subtle mistake, fail a test, spend too much money, etc. Would those phrases be spoken to your best friend? Now what would happen if you could turn those phrases, to yourself and to others, into something uplifting? Inspiring? Kind? Odds are you can also remember the times in which someone made you feel like you were appreciated and special to this world.

You are full of amazing gifts to share with this world and until you begin to truly believe those things on an innate level, you will really only stunt your own growth. Stop those bad thoughts dead in their tracks and gracefully replace each one with a more accurate or positive statement. Over time this will become your new habit and you will see your potential flourish the way it was meant to. Who knows, you might even brighten someone’s spirit along the way as well.

ReThink to BeFree.

Share your stories below and we can all learn how to best ReThink!