Many may think the best way to deal with Stress is to avoid unnecessary ways of building up pressure. It’s best to avoid ways to increase Stress levels apposed to trying to deal with it later. Stress can be defined as: A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances(taken from Different kinds of Stress can be defined into two categories: positive and negative stress. The main differences between the two are determined by how people as individuals deal with stress. Positive Stress usually comes from feelings that evoke feelings such as: happiness or excitement. Some examples are: going on a date, getting ready to do a performance, or taking your drivers test. Negative Stress is usually linked with some kind of dramatic change in your life such as: losing your job, getting a detention, or breaking up with someone. The difference between the two and how they are caused is based on the situation, but also based on how one reacts to a situation. As an observer, determining the differences and which kinds of stress/feelings one gives off is crucial. If misinterpreted, an event initially that is meant to give one Positive Stress, may instead give someone Stress that is not healthy for that individual, defined as Negative Stress.

As a high school student, I’m interested in how this material about Stress is going to specifically be beneficial for me. The majority of people including students would say that the average high school student is under a lot of pressure and stress. In the interest of the average high school student, understanding and interpreting this article may be largely beneficial to learning how to incorporate the knowledge of knowing the difference of Positive and Negative Stress in better dealing with stress as an individual. Without knowing this material, one may be lead to believe that all stress is unhealthy and should not be present. Or make someone believe that all stress is good and that the more stress one has, the more efficient one gets at dealing with stress. This perception is wrong and is also hurtful to the people who believe in this. Negative Stress dances around the fact that it lowers one’s self-esteem, confidence, and can let oneself believe that they aren’t able to handle what they are doing and can lead to them thinking they are ignorant.

To best handle stress, one must understand and be able to comprehend this material and be able to integrate this knowledge into their lives.

– Jason Zhang