Source: Daily Herald

Cooking for herself on and off since she was 5, 16-year-old Mariel Thompson of Naperville has learned healthy eating lessons the hands-on way.

Fries are fantastic, but that groggy feeling post-nosh? Not so much.

“I’m a pretty big vegetable fan at this point,” she said. “I like to experiment.”

Dairy is OK for an occasional fix, “but it’s not the best thing for me,” she says. And when it comes to meat, it’s best to eat it sparingly and let Dad handle the cooking.

But pasta? Pasta equals love.

Maybe Mariel’s way of learning about food was the hard way, so she’s trying to share her knowledge with a younger set of kids through a workshop she’s offering Friday at the Alive Center¬†at 505 W. 5th Ave. in Naperville called Media-Smart Youth. Read the full article...