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Joyce Zhou


Class of 2018, Neuqua Valley High School

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Joyce is an involved member of Naperville and has a passionate commitment to the community. At Neuqua Valley, Joyce captains the Science Olympiad team and serves as the president of the National Science Honors Society. She is also an active participant in her school’s Literary Magazine, Principal’s Advisory Council, Mawi Leaders, and the state champion badminton team. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin and writing. Her work has been nationally recognized by Princeton University, National Poetry Quarterly, Penguin Random House, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and others. Joyce has been involved with the diversity campaign at Alive, and she is very excited to have the opportunity this year to lead the student advisory board and empower the local youth to take action and create meaningful community change.


Shivansh Gupta

Secretary/Treasurer, Service Committee Lead

Class of 2020, Neuqua Valley High School

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Shivansh is an avid follower of technology as well as a programmer. He is a saxophone player and was involved in the Musicians of Distinction program at his school. He hopes to help other people find their interests just as he found his in Naperville. He also loves mathematics and has participated in many math contests. Most of all, he is always willing to help others in anyway possible. Shivansh is ready to put forth his skills and abilities and direct them towards helping the Alive center be a better place for everybody in the community.


Nicole Maimon


Class of 2018, Neuqua Valley High School

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Nicole is involved in principal advisory council, golden ambassadors, chamber singers, Tri-M music honors society, star raiders, and speech team. Outside of school, Nicole is a member of Young Naperville singers, a team captain at Safety Town, teen volunteer at the field museum, and employee at Hollywood Palms. Nicole is thrilled to be on the student board and cannot wait to bring new ideas and help make a great environment for Naperbridge!


Sanjana Ramrajvel

STEM & Education Committee Lead

Class of 2018, Naperville Central High School

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Sanjana is very passionate about music. She has traveled all over the world to sing in various venues such as Disney World, Costa Rica, Rome, and Carnegie Hall in New York. She also plays the guitar and plays piano. Apart from music, Sanjana is very active in school, being a captain of Science Olympiad team, Vice President of Tri-M Music Honor Society, and a member of student class council, BPA, WYSE, math team, and multicultural club. In her free time, she volunteers at the DuPage Children’s Museum because of her love for working with kids. Sanjana is very excited to be a part of the Student Advisory Board and to represent NCHS. She hopes to use her strengths to benefit the Naperville community.

Isha Srinivisan

STEM & Education Committee Lead

Class of 2019, Naperville North High School

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Isha is a sophomore at Naperville North. She has started the Computer Science Club at the Alive Center and is a strong advocate for students, especially girls, in STEM. She is involved in DECA and volunteers at the Merry Tutor. She is very passionate about volleyball and was the captain of North’s sophomore volleyball team and is the captain her team at Sports Performance Volleyball. This is Isha’s first year on the board of the Alive Center and she is excited to help lead the center into more amazing things!


Nisaa Aleem

Diversity Committee Lead

Class of 2018, Neuqua Valley High School

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Nisaa is a junior in high school at Neuqua Valley. She is president of the Muslim Student Association at Neuqua Valley. She volunteers at Marianjoy Hospital and Adventist Hospital and hopes to be a doctor in the future. She is also a member of the Kids Matter Junior Board in Naperville. Nisaa is also active at school and is the secretary of student council. She also participates in athletic training at school. and loves to help all the athletes.  She is energetic and loves trying new things and meeting new people. This will be her first year on the board and she cannot wait to share her new ideas and new events to the Alive Center.


Ruby Killingsworth

Diversity Committee Lead, Wellness Committee Lead

Class of 2018, Naperville Central High School

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Ruby is a first year member on Naperbridge Student Board and is a junior at Naperville Central High School. She is a very active member of her school, and is on the board of Latin club and is a part of Junior Statesmen of America, Art Club, and American Sign Language Club. She also volunteers at Edward Hospital and teaches English in China. She wishes to be a doctor and eventually work for Doctors Without Borders to help those who cannot afford help. Ruby loves art, piano, gymnastics, yoga, and calculus. She’s very excited to now be a part of the Alive community!


Saumya Bharti

Wellness Committee Lead

Class of 2018, Naperville Central High School

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Saumya is a first year member of the Alive Student Advisory Board, and could not be more excited to be a part of such an amazing community! She is very active in school, being a member of Central Times, DECA, JSA, Model U.N, French Club, L.I.F.E, and Art Club. Saumya cofounded L.I.F.E, or Leading and Inspiring Female Empowerment, in 7th grade and has done a lot work in raising awareness and supporting gender equality. She is very passionate about art, books, music, and good food!


Jash Desai

Marketing & Events Lead

Class of 2018, Neuqua Valley High School

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Rajveer Singh Sokhey

Marketing & Events Lead

Class of 2019, Naperville North High School

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Rajveer is a revolutionary thinker that is enthusiastic about his pursuit of education. As a minimalist, he only partakes in activities in which he can dedicate his complete attention and workmanship to. Activities include: Cricket Club, DECA, Media Club and media design. In his free time, he enjoys Bhangra dancing, scuba diving, playing golf, and planning of and striking future media projects. It is his highest priority to give back to the society that he enjoys so greatly. As a board member of Kidsmatter, Rajveer has helped make plans to advance his peers vision for the future. He also holds an executive board position at the HamrTech company.

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Sangavi Subramani

Service Committee Lead

Class of 2018, Naperville North High School

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Sangavi is a part of Varsity Science Olympiad, Peer Tutoring, First Class Exec Board, and manages tutors at The Merry Tutor. As a tutor, she loves helping others realize their potential. Sangavi is also self motivated and enjoys giving back to her community. She’s passionate about dancing Bharata Natyam and has been doing so since the age of five. She’s eager to start working with others on the Student Advisory Board in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for teens!

Alexa Betjemann

Class of 2020, Naperville North High School

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Alexa is a freshman at Naperville North High School.  She loves being a part of several sports at North, including cross country, basketball, and track.  Besides being very active through extracurricular activities, she enjoys being involved in freshman board, red cross club, and DECA.  In her free time, Alexa likes to read, write, and hang out with friends. Alexa is very excited to begin her first year as a student advisory board member at the Alive Center.  She can not wait to meet new people who also are passionate about the well-being of the community!

Allison Conwell

Class of 2020, Naperville North High School

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Allie is involved at North as a Student Government representative and a Freshman Board Executive member, as well as a North Ambassador. Outside of school, she volunteers regularly at DuPage PADs, the Naperville Public Library, and her church. Her hobbies include writing, reading, yoga, running, photography, and singing. She also plays guitar and writes the occasional cringey song. Allie loves spending time outdoors, spending time with her cat, Goldie, and meeting new people.

Tanya Iyer

Class of 2019, Naperville North High School

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Already suffering from sophomore-itis, Tanya is elated to be a member of the Student Advisory Board! In tandem to serving as the Scholastic Bowl captain and a reporter for the North Star, and a DECA Board Member, Tanya enjoys acting pseudo-smart in BPA and serving as the Director of Fundraising for the Merry Tutor (which tutors at Alive!). She has an inexplicable penchant for owl earrings, and can normally be found roasting next to a heater. Don’t hesitate to contact her to engage in conversation about beluga whales, Shark Tank, or Whole Foods.

Keya Jain

2021, Naperville North High School

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Keya is a very driven and hardworking girl. If you see a girl with earphones in, a book, or fangirling over Kpop, it’s probably Keya. Music has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She’s been playing viola since 4th grade and looks forward to playing in the Intermediate/Advanced orchestra at Naperville North High School. In addition to playing the viola, she has been taking Bollywood dance lessons since she was four and loves listening to music, whether it be pop songs, classical, Bollywood, or Kpop. She’s been in forms of Student Council since 3rd grade, and is enthusiastic that the Alive center will allow her to continue this part of her life. Keya is always looking for ways to be a leader and help others, and she prides herself on being accepting of everyone. She looks forward to her high school years and future, and is extremely excited to help out at the Alive center and make the community a better place!

Bhavika Kagathi

Class of 2019, Naperville North High School

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Bhavika Kagathi is a sophomore at Naperville North. She is involved in several activities like Science Olympiad, Future Problem Solving, JSA, and Badminton in school. She has been part of Science Olympiad since middle school and took it up a notch by continuing to be part of the High School team and volunteering at a Junior High, by sharing her experiences and guiding the middle schoolers. Outside of school she enjoys tutoring at the Kumon center which allows her to combine her interest for helping others reach their full potential to succeed and working with kids. Bhavika has been learning Indian classical dance for the past 10 years and has found this as an avenue to be exposed to her cultural heritage. Recently she initiated an organization called ‘DressItUp’ and conducted her first session at the Alive Center. She empathizes with children around the world and this organization shows her passion to give back by making dresses for kids in need. She finds relaxation in baking, listening to music, and trying different foods. She is very excited to meet new people and help other teens launch their ideas at the Alive center by being part of the SAB

Grace Kuna

Class of 2018, Naperville North High School

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Grace is a junior at Naperville North High School, where she is a part of Peer Tutoring, Latin Club, DECA, First Class, and Link Crew. She enjoys leadership as an exec board member in National Honors Society and leads the Mentorship Program here at the Alive Center. She loves to volunteer and enjoys playing the piano and oboe in her free time. Grace can’t wait to get more involved in the Alice Center community!

Caroline Li

Class of 2020, Naperville Central High School

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I am a freshman at Naperville Central High School. I am in BPA, Freshman Student Council, and the Swim Team at Central. Outside of school, I swim at Mavericks Swim Club, I participate in my youth group at church and I have taken drawing lessons since I was 5. I love to read, draw and hang out with friends. I am very excited to be a part of the SAB and I can’t wait to see how I will help my community!

Rachel Lundstrum

Class of 2019, Naperville North High School

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I love collaborating with others and working hard to solve challenges. In my free time I play volleyball and tutor.

Emily Nay

Class of 2020, Naperville North High School

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At Naperville North, Emily is involved in a variety of different sports and clubs. In the fall she plays golf and plays lacrosse in the spring. She loves being on a team and supporting her teammates. Emily is also involved in Red Cross club and enjoys doing service for her community. She continues to give back to her community at her church where she volunteers and mentors younger kids as well as participates in the annual youth summer mission trip. Emily loves meeting new people and never hesitates to help them out. She is looking forward to a great year on SAB and is ready for the new opportunities and challenges presented to her.


Mariel Thompson

Class of 2018, Naperville North High School

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Mariel Thompson is so excited to embark on her first year as an ALIVE Student Advisory Board member. She is an active junior at Naperville North High School, with involvement in many organizations. She is an executive board member on Naperville North’s Black Student Leadership Association, editor of the BSLA weekly newsletter, a member of the NNHS Track & Field Team, and Naperville North’s World Awareness Club. Outside of school, she is the 2nd Vice President of the NAACP’s DuPage County Youth Council, a World Chicago Youth Diplomat, and an ACT-SO Olympian. She has a great passion for community outreach which inspired her interest in the ALIVE Center.

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